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The "CURE" for the
Boring Business Card.

How to Turn Your Most Inexpensive
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Secret Weapon
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Industry "Insider" is WOWED...

"Alan, I am so impressed... I canít wait to recommend this. And if I can make a suggestion, every print designer in the country needs to read this. They are so busy making cards that look pretty, they have missed the boat that business cards are meant to sell something. I love it, I really love it..."

Darlene Saal - Founder
The Business Card Holder

ake a good look at your business card.

See what hundreds, even thousands of good prospects look at as they consider whether or not to do business with you.

Is it a great business card? More importantly, is an effective marketing piece?

It really should be.

Now let me ask you something:

Did you know that a few simple changes to your business card can earn you A LOT more business every month?

As you're about to discover, nearly 2/3 of business cards have a fatal flaw that CRIPPLES their response... and even repels some customers.

Fortunately, it's an easy fix.

Keep reading, and you'll discover a simple, inexpensive, nearly effortless way to turn your business card into a customer winning, referral generating secret weopon...

Does YOUR Business Card Do a Better Job of
Making You Money... or Repelling Clients?


The answer might surprise you... 

According two recently published business card usage studies, a vast majority (almost 2 out of 3) of recipients don't even pay attention to the business cards they're given.

The reason is simple:

They're NOT engaged by them.

It's a "fatal flaw" that renders many business cards UNABLE to perform the job they're meant to perform -- namely, earning you business!

Another study found that cheap business cards actually turn off customers and send them looking for other options.

But there IS a silver lining...

The KYP study found that 87% of people:

  • will pay greater attention to

  • will keep longer

... a business card that is engaging, allowing it to create both a bigger and longer lasting impression.

There's no ifs... ands... or buts... about it.

Better business cards generate more business.

It's that simple.

There's just one problem.

Most People Don't Know
What Makes a GREAT Business Card.

Study 1: TWO THIRDS of Business Cards Virtually Ignored BECAUSE...

"Two thirds of people don't look at business cards handed to them because they don't find them engaging, according to research.

The KYP Systems study said only 38% of respondents looked at cards they were given, but claimed 87% of respondents said they were more likely to keep and look at business cards that had engaging content or an innovative design."

published Nov 14, 2008

Study 2: Cheap Cards Actually Repel 2/3 of Prospective Customers

"A new survey has revealed that buying cheap business cards is a false economy - because they actually put off potential customers.

"Self-printed business cards or flimsy ones from low cost, low quality online design companies would discourage two thirds of potential buyers."

FidelityPrint Study


business card examples

Think About it...

When is the last time you were handed a business card
that REALLY got you to look at it before you crammed it in your pocket?

When is the last time someone gave you a card that instantly convinced you they were just the person for the job?

And when's the last time you got saw a card you HAD to hold onto... and share with others?

Has it been awhile?

It may be easy to forget this, but...

 This is What Business Cards Are Supposed to Do!

Convert prospects... into loyal, cash-paying clients!

But, this is only the beginning of how your business card can starting injecting profits into your business.

I'll explain in just a minute...

First, think about the business card YOU use today.

Think about the reaction and the response that it gets.

Now Imagine that Same 2"x 3.5" Piece of Paper.
Only THIS Time Around... It...

Instantly makes an impression.
Builds more trust.
Is far more memorable and virtually "trash proof"
Forces more people to keep it.
Drives more people to respond.
Gets more people to share it with friends, associates, and clients.
Puts more money in your pocket!

ust imagine what that can do for your business.

Now here's the kicker! As I said just a minute ago, a more effective business card is just the beginning of how you can take better advantage of this versatile marketing tool to start boosting your revenue.

That's because...

You're Also About to Discover Powerful,
Yet Overlooked Ways to Use Them!

Look, if all you're doing is leaving a pile of cards in your store or office and waiting for people take one, you're missing out on remarkably simple -- and often totally hands-off -- opportunities to get generate more clients with your business cards.

(Not to mention the ability to MULTIPLY your referrals.)

In other words, you're leaving profits on the table that could be yours with a minimum of time, cost, or effort!

Stop selling yourself short.

Discover how to turn your business card into one of the most effective and responsive marketing tools in your entire business building arsenal.

Here's What You Need to Know to Rake In
More Customers With Your Business Card:


What your business card is missing that causes it to be forgotten, "glossed over" or ignored... or lands it right in the garbage can.
The cardinal sin of business cards: how to avoid it, and the "flip the switch" phenomenon that multiplies the business generating power of your business card almost instantly.
How to turn your business card into a referral generating secret weapon (plus one strategy that promotes two additional positive "side effects" - an increase in customer loyalty, and more repeat business)
The 2 critical business card "transformers" that guarantee your card can do so much more for you than the average business card.
The devastating MISTAKE that virtually eliminates a card's ability to generate new business.
DOUBLE your influence -- The TWO kinds of prospects who come across your business card and why you need to appeal to BOTH of them to turn more of them into customers.
The business card referral trick my insurance agent uses to get customers to refer their friends and family. It's very smart, easy to duplicate, and is actually a simplified version of the technique that turned one man into the famed Guinness Book of World Records' greatest salesperson.
A great way to get local businesses to refer you business. The best part is, they'll see this as you doing THEM a favor!
Why you MUST use the front and the back of your business card... and the best ways to use this space to give yourself a response boost!
When it's a particularly good idea to put your face on your business card, and how it can enhance its impact.
A powerful trick that instantly makes you more credible, likeable, or memorable (or all 3) and turns your business card into something of VALUE. This technique doesn't just reflect highly on you and your company, but it's a great way to get people to take more than one... and to share it with others, as well.
Why changing the shape of your business card can make it more effective, and some very cool ways to do it. But be careful! There are certain shapes you want to avoid. Find out what they are and why it's a concern.
Materials (other than paper, of course) that you can use to guarantee your business card stands out from the pack, including some very unexpected ones!
Powerful *yet overlooked* strategies for using websites that pull prospects deeper into your sales funnel, and make them more likely to buy. (Hint: listing your site in your contact details has nothing to do with this) 
Why printing a second, or third set of cards may be an EASY way to get way more business from your business cards than you do today. It's remarkably rare that entrepreneurs think to do this, but for so many business owners it can produce tremendous results!
Brilliantly simple, yet overlooked strategies that get your business cards in front of more people... on more occasions... and doing more for you!
What MUST be on YOUR business card? This handy guide and 12-point checklist ensures your business card has everything it needs to get noticed... and get results!
And much more...

It's all Inside...

"What Makes a GREAT Business Card!"

The Ultimate Guide to Bigger Profits with the World's
Most Cost Effective and Versatile Marketing Tool!

Available for Instant download
Have it in just minutes!


  • Are you trying to stretch your marketing $$$ farther and farther?

  • Does the economy have you struggling to GROW your business... even as you're forced to advertise LESS?

  • Are you looking for a simple way to attract more business, without much money or a lot of time or effort?

Let's face it...

If there was ever a time to make sure you're getting the most mileage (and customers) out of your advertising dollars -- it's now! And when it comes to a marketing tool that costs LITTLE, but can create a LOT of new business, there's no better option than the mighty business card.

So start capitalizing on it! I'll show you how...

"Great for Any Business Owner
Who Wants to Increase Business"

"This is GREAT for any business owners who wants to increase their overall business. Comprehensive information... it has shown me how I can increase my prospect leads for my business.

Richard Santangelo
Meals in Motion,
Somerdale, NJ


"Awesome... Easy to Follow and Implement"

"The book was awesome... I did 3 cards in the space of one afternoon. They look great, get the message across, and will undoubtedly create interest if not out-right contacts leading to sales. It was really easy reading, and made total and absolute common sense. The ideas and instructions are clear and easy to follow and implement."

Nicki Killner, Eden Dance
North Canterbury, NZ


Stop Underestimating Your Business Card
And Start Cashing In On It!

"What Makes a Great Business Card" is NOT some long and tedious manual that will overwhelm you and leave you scratching your head. It's concise enough that you'll actually read and apply it, and comprehensive enough to make you a business card marketing expert.

Plus, it's filled with examples and ideas your competition will never think of -- with crystal clear explanations that are as easy to act on as they are to apply.

Pound for Pound, Dollar for Dollar
Business Cards are the Ultimate Marketing Tool

But... they won't win you business if they fail to make an impression.

And they can't do their job from the bottom of a trash can.

So before the next golden opportunity comes along, kick that drab and ineffective "contact card" to the curb, and start using something that really WORKS!

Do that, and Your Business Cards
Will Do So Much MORE for You!


"I've been severely underestimating
the business card as a marketing weapon"

"I've been severely underestimating the usefulness
of the business card as a marketing weapon. This really narrows in on the wide range of design and marketing possibilities. The book is great!"

Doug Lightman
Lightman Law Firm, NY


"Very Resourceful"

"The book is very resourceful and will help my business by keeping it "top of mind" by my clients and prospects."

Michael Laymon

I'll prove it to you...


How Much Profit is Your Next New Client Worth?


Whether a new client is worth $7.50... $75... or $750, it's easy to see why great business cards -- at only pennies a piece -- generate such remarkable ROI!

Well, I want you to feel precisely the same way about your investment in this guide. That's why it's yours today (with all of the bonuses), risk-free for $97, $47, only $9!

How many extra customers would it take to make that small investment back??

Look. Most business owners give out their minimally effective business cards to hundreds of people every year.

They never realize how much they pay for that mistake.

Today, uncover simple business card marketing secrets guaranteed to transform YOUR business card into a customer-winning, referral generating secret weapon. Learn easy new ways to get your card into the of hands more prospects, clients, and referral sources. 

And cash in on the increased response for as long as you're in business!

What Makes a Great Business Card shows you exactly how... and it's 100% guaranteed.

Click the order button below for INSTANT access to everything!

I want my business card to make me more money!

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